Tahader Katha

Tahader Katha

Past Event


INR 200

BDT 250

USD 10

CAD 10

AUD 13



AED 36

SGD 13

NZD 14

MYR 41

QAR 36

SAR 37

MVR 155

MXN 207

THB 326

ARS 300

LKR 555

NPR 320


Kolkata, INDIA:8th Jan '22 at 8:00pm till 16th Jan '22 at 11:59pm

Dhaka, BAN:8th Jan '22 at 8:30pm till 17th Jan '22 at 12:29am

New York, US:8th Jan '22 at 9:30am till 16th Jan '22 at 1:29pm

London, UK:8th Jan '22 at 2:30pm till 16th Jan '22 at 6:29pm

Sydney, AUS:9th Jan '22 at 1:30am till 17th Jan '22 at 5:29am

Basic Information:

Artists: Debojit Bandyopadhyay, Riddhi Bandyopadhyay, Satinath Mukherjee, Madhubani Chatterjee, Abhirup Sengupta & the students of Riddhi Bandyopadhyay Music Academy


Academy Theatre and Riddhi Bandhapadhyay together present an intense digital concert on Puratani Bangla songs and its historical importance of it in the genre of music. Knowledge on the subject and indepth understanding bring out the appropriate expression and rendition. This event is determined to help the street children with financial aid.

Please Note: If you are in Bangladesh, you can use this payment option to pay manually:

Bkash Payment Number: ০১৭১১১৭৬৪১৯

Please contact our helpline no. after making the payment: +919903360341 / +918637551487

This show will be available for 7 days.