Surjo Kintu Ektai

Surjo Kintu Ektai

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INR 250

BDT 300

USD 12

CAD 16

AUD 16

EUR 10

GBP 10

AED 45

SGD 16

NZD 17

MYR 48

QAR 43

SAR 45

MVR 185

MXN 240

THB 365

ARS 300

LKR 630

NPR 400


Kolkata, INDIA:1st Jul '21 at 8:30pm till 31st Jul '21 at 11:59am

Dhaka, BAN:1st Jul '21 at 9:00pm till 31st Jul '21 at 12:29pm

New York, US:1st Jul '21 at 11:00am till 31st Jul '21 at 2:29am

London, UK:1st Jul '21 at 4:00pm till 31st Jul '21 at 7:29am

Sydney, AUS:2nd Jul '21 at 1:00am till 31st Jul '21 at 4:29pm

Basic Information:

Artist: Subhamita Banerjee


The melodious evening that Subhamita Banerjee had spun with her magical voice on 2nd January, welcoming the new year with much warmth, is about to be streamed again! Filled with her popular and favourite playlists and also the ones with stories that touched her, Surjo kintu Ektai is like a reward for all the audience. Book your tickets now!