Monsoon Melodies

Monsoon Melodies


INR 150

BDT 175

USD 10

CAD 15

AUD 16

EUR 10


AED 44

SGD 16.5

NZD 17.5

MYR 51

QAR 44

SAR 45

MVR 185

MXN 240

THB 391

ARS 200

LKR 410

NPR 250


Kolkata, INDIA:31st Jul '21 at 8:30pm till 7th Aug '21 at 11:59pm

Dhaka, BAN:31st Jul '21 at 9:00pm till 8th Aug '21 at 12:29am

New York, US:31st Jul '21 at 11:00am till 7th Aug '21 at 2:29pm

London, UK:31st Jul '21 at 4:00pm till 7th Aug '21 at 7:29pm

Sydney, AUS:1st Aug '21 at 1:00am till 8th Aug '21 at 4:29am

Basic Information:

Artists: Sohini Chakraborty, Deborshee Bhattacharjee, Reena Bhattacharjee
Accompanist: Chiranjit Mukherjee, Jyotirmoy Banerjee
Moderator: Ayesha Mukherjee


Welcoming the monsoons with the rendition of classical music through the event Monsoon Melodies. The event will be active for an entire week to let you soothe in the moods of the monsoon gradually. Grab your seat now!

This show will be available for 7 days.