Shorot Alor Taane

Shorot Alor Taane

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INR 250

BDT 300

USD 10

CAD 12

AUD 13



AED 36

SGD 13

NZD 14

MYR 41

QAR 36

SAR 37

MVR 153

MXN 200

THB 320

ARS 450

LKR 670

NPR 400


Kolkata, INDIA:1st Jul '21 at 8:30pm till 31st Jul '21 at 11:59am

Dhaka, BAN:1st Jul '21 at 9:00pm till 31st Jul '21 at 12:29pm

New York, US:1st Jul '21 at 11:00am till 31st Jul '21 at 2:29am

London, UK:1st Jul '21 at 4:00pm till 31st Jul '21 at 7:29am

Sydney, AUS:2nd Jul '21 at 1:00am till 31st Jul '21 at 4:29pm

Basic Information:

Artist: Jayati Chakraborty


Our hearts always survive in the strength and might of Debipokkho and another oppurtunity to summon all energy from the Goddess of Strength and Power is something we eagerly wait for. What's better than a musical rendition to celebrate the event that rules the heartr of Bengalis! Stay tuned for Shorot Alor Taane - a digital concert by Jayati Chakraborty. Book your screen now!